Sofi Scripts

The html scripts and templates described here are necessary and sufficient for successful application of the sofi method within the federated wiki.

We describe the packaging and release of sofi data collection and visualization components necessary for successful application of the sofi method within federated wiki. definition

# Scripts

This asset folder will hold the html scripts used by Frame plugins called out by Templates we provide. They can remain here and used as is. Or, they can be forked into a new site and templates modified to refer to the new location. github


Model.html script imports graphical resources defined in and deployed from observable. page import import

# Pages

Some pages are meant to be used by members and should be forked into their site when configured.

One page will be used by the administrator to rollup assessments into an organizational aggregate. This page should be forked into the administration site.

# Data

A single weekly JSON data file will be produced by each member and then rolled up into a similar but larger data file by the administrator. These files are to be downloaded and then dragged into the Assets folder provided in the Member and Administrator Assessment pages.

These external links refer to the example JSON data files.