Sofi Administration

The administrator confirms that each member will claim, configure and update a sofi site prefixed by their unique nickname. The administrator may create and claim pages for members who choose to report some other way.

# Setup

The administrator will fork the Sofi Scripts page and the html files within.

The administrator will fork the Role Template and Assessment Template pages revising the Frame markup to refer to the New Sofi Script Locations in each FedWiki site where the templates are used.

# Members

Members will create pages with their real name and add an original description of what they do in terms of Roles and Active Conversations. These will be linked on the welcome visitors page in the place provided.

Each member will create pages drawn from the following lists as they apply to their specific roles in the organization. See Role Template

S-1, S-2, ... S-11

Each member will create pages reporting their assessment of conversations in progress or concluded drawn from this list where one or the other number would be a role the member has. See Assessment Template

Each member will fork the Member Assessment page and complete assessments each week. Assessment will download a file which should be uploaded or otherwise submitted to the administrator.

# Routine

The administrator will offer the Administrator Assessment after reviewing and aggregating member assessments before start of work the following week.